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I collect hats from my travels and adventures. Of the nearly 600, each has a special story, meaning or history.
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Born April 29th, 1977 to Robert & Penny Dusick; Indianapolis, IN
1978 Diagnosed with Rabdomyosarcoma, a rare bone cancer; 50% Survival rate for six months
1980 Cured of all signs of cancerous tissure: the first day of Livin' A Dream...
Started driving go-cart in Grandma's yard; created my life's passion...motorsports
1981* Attended first, of hundreds, weekly midget races at the Indianapolis Speedrome
1982 Competed in first competitive motorsports event; Quarter Midgets @ Big Z
1985 Appeared on national television for the first time; George Michael Sports Machine
1984 Only Sister, Sarah Jean (aka Bean), born February 1st; Indianapolis, IN
  Raced an exhibition event @ Lowe's Motor Speedway; Quarter Midgets
1987 Brief two-year hiatus of racing career for the building of family home
  Raced 43 Hot Wheels; complete with a schedule, results and championship point standings
1988 Organized first "event" with long-time friend, Rob Hoover; a bicycle race in a parking lot
1989* Began as a Public Address announcer; Quarter Midgets
  Return to Quarter Midgets with two-car, three-driver team; Sarah & Rob Hoover
  Upgrade to the Red # 51 Marlowe-Stanley QM; the Blue # 51 becomes Sarah's Pink # 51
1990 Began working as a motorsports official; Quarter Midgets
1991 Busted for running a Bubble Gum Shop out of my 8th grade locker (300% Profit!!!)
  First Indiana State Championship; Quarter Midgets
1992* Paid Public Address announcer for first time; Mini-Sprint Event @ Marion Co. Fair
  Sold the Red # 51 for a newer custom Red Stanley QM
  Repeat for second straight Indiana State Championship; Quarter Midgets
  Competed in first, and only, Quarter Midget Grand Nationals; Toledo, OH
  Retire from Quarter Midget racing
1993 Dad bought first car; blue 1981 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme
  Attended first Indianapolis 500
Appointed as Public Relations Chairman; QMA Eastern Grand Nationals Event
  Inducted into Central Indiana Quarter Midget Hall of Fame
1994 Attended Boys State Conference; Indiana State University
1995* Drive Wayne Leminger's 250cc Micro-Sprint for a "one-off" event; Finished 2nd
  Graduated from Warren Central High School; Indianapolis, IN
  First "unescorted" road trip; Bristol Motor Speedway with Andy Miller
1996 Started career as a "RaceTrack Engineer"; intern @ the Indianapolis Motor Speedway
1997 Promoted, along with friend Chad Minor, Inaugural PiKA Mountian Bike Challenge
Appeared LIVE on television for the first time; promoting PiKA Mt Bike Challenge
Managed selection and installation of IMS Large Screen Video Displays ("Jumbotrons")
Bought first car on my own (with a loan from Dad); red 1989 Ford Mustang Convertible (4-Cyl)
1999  Received B.S. Mechanical Engineering from Rose-Hulman; Terre Haute, IN
  Purchased first new car; 1999 GMC Sonoma truck
  Organized first indoor karting event; Rose-Hulman All-Star Race
  Started full-time @ the Indianapolis Motor Speedway; "Engineering Associate"
  Promoted the Dave Dusick Non-Celebrity Go-Kart Challenge
2000 Cord Ehrhart wins Inaugural Dusick Open @ Stefan Johansson's Karting Center (SJKC)
Designed and managed installation of Formula One Tire Barriers at IMS
  Began working as an operator of the IMS Race Control Camera System; United States GP
  Began freelance engineering and graphic design work
  Mike Buschmann buys first racecar since QM; the current Red # 51 DDM Bailey Micro-Sprint
2001 A.J. Codalata wins the Dusick Open II
  First laps in the new Buschmann Racing # 51
  Rookie of the Year; US 24 Speedway
  Competed in the IMS Engineering / Elrod Corp event at Track Attack Driving School
  Created a promoting partnership with SJKC
  Compete on the IMS Engineering team in the ILikeRacing.com Karting Challenge
  Promoted the Winter Triple Crown Championship @ SJKC
  Competed in the prestigious Tulsa Shootout; steering wheel comes off down the backstretch
2002* First trip to Las Vegas & the West Coast; also first time to see the Pacific Ocean
  It's fixed: Dusick wins the Dusick Open III
  Purchase the Red # 51 from Buschmann; becomes the DD Motorsports # 51
  Elected as Vice President, Hoosier Auto Race Fans
  Along with Billy Rowlee, create the Midwest Outlaw Micro Organization (later NAMARS 600cc)
  Worked as Series Director for NAMARS 600cc Series, official for National & Regional Division
Traded the Sonoma for a red 2001 Chevy S-10 Silverado
  Selected to compete on the SJKC Team in the Red Bull Indy Indoor Karting Challenge
2003 Pete Farrar wins the Dusick Open IV
  Take a three-year hiatus (NOT "Retirement") to focus on NAMARS Series & career
  Re-elected Vice President, Hoosier Auto Race Fans
  Founded and promoted the NAMARS 600cc MidgetCar Series
  Designed and managed installation of new Audio System at IMS
  Worked first event at the famed Knoxville Raceway; Knoxville Midget Nationals
  First cross-country road trip; Indiana to California with Bean
  First trip into Mexico; Tijuana with Bean
  Moved to Newport Beach, CA
Began working as a Project Manager for QSC Audio Corporation; Costa Mesa, CA
2004 Celebrated the 5th Running of the Dusick Open
  Honored Brad Loyet as the NAMARS 600cc Series Champion during the Dusick Open V
  Pete Fararr becomes first repeat winner of the Dusick Open
  First trip to Yosemite National Park; that amazing place sparked a fascination for the world
  Missed only Indy 500 since 1993; living & working in Southern California
Moved to Huntington Beach, CA
Ended long-time romance with Sarah Denison
2005 Moved Dusick Open to Fastimes Indoor Karting Center; due to closing of SJKC
  Kris Deckard wins his first Dusick Open
  First scenic cross-country trip, with Bean; CA, NV, UT, CO, WY, SD, IA, IL, IN
  Moved back to Indianapolis
  Started working as an independent entrepenuer; DBA Dave Dusick Enterprises
  Worked as an official for Mid-American Sprint Series (MASS)
  Traded the Silverado for a red 2003 Chevy Avalanch Z-66
  Sonny Marlowe utilizes the DDM # 51 to restart his successful driving career
2006 Created the "Race Hard. Play Hard." brand
  Kris Deckard becomes the 2nd back-to-back winner of the Dusick Open
  Founded RaceTrack Engineering
Renovated Audio System at Tony Stewart's famed Eldora Speedway
Became the sole operator of the IMS Race Control Camera System; Indianapolis 500
Purchased first home / office; Speedway, IN
  Return from driving hiatus...just to disprove the "Retirement" rumors
First RaceTrack Tour; 138 RaceTracks in 17 states
First trip into Canada; RaceTrack Tour through upper NE and Canada
2007 Celebrate the largest field Dusick Open field at 36 entrants
  Timmy Creech II wins an emotional first Dusick Open
  First trip to Key West; one of favorite places
  Jeremy Brown drives the DDM # 51 as a trail into competitive driving
2008 Worked first official event at RaceTrack Engineering; Winternationals @ East Bay Raceway
  Kris Deckard wins his 3rd Dusick Open
  Team with Sarah Dusick & Nick Buschmann to a 2nd Place at Councilman's Race; NCMP
Split RaceTrack Engineering into two LLC's; RT Engineering & RT Communications
  Bean, only sister and best friend, moves away to the Marshall Islands
Renovated drag strip Audio System at O'Reilly Raceway Park
  Thanks to long-time friend Nick Buschmann, drive the Buschmann Racing # 14 for a "one off"
  Partnered with RACEceiver to revive the their Race Management Timing & Scoring product line
First time "living on the road"; from November 2008 through May 2009
Broke 100 races: attended, officiated or competed in 101 motorsports events in a single year
2009 Attended first Chili-Bowl Midget Nationals
  Postponed the 10th Running of the Dusick Open in honor of Sarah's absence
Realized lifelong dream to be a USAC Official; Chief Scorer @ Manzanita Speedway
  Completed "SMI Big 5 Sweep"; worked events @ Atlanta, Bristol, Lowe's, Texas and Vegas
First overseas trip; six weeks in the Marshall Islands visiting Bean
  *Approximate year. Exact date not available
Speedway, IN
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