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A total of 103 drivers have competed in the first nine Dusick Opens. There have been six different champions.
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1986 Organized Hot Wheels races; complete with a schedule, results and point standings
1988 Organized first "event" with long-time friend, Rob Hoover; a bicycle race in a parking lot
1997 Promoted, along with friend Chad Minor, Inaugural PiKA Mountian Bike Challenge
1999 Organized first indoor karting event; Rose-Hulman All-Star Race
Promoted the Dave Dusick Non-Celebrity Go-Kart Challenge
2000 Cord Ehrhart wins Inaugural Dusick Open @ Stefan Johansson's Karting Center (SJKC)
2001 A.J. Codalata wins the Dusick Open II
Created a promoting partnership with SJKC
Promoted the Winter Triple Crown Championship @ SJKC
2002 It's fixed: Dusick wins the Dusick Open III
Along with Billy Rowlee, create the Midwest Outlaw Micro Organization (later NAMARS 600cc)
Test 600cc Micro-Sprints @ Indianapolis Speedrome; first ever laps for such cars
2003 Pete Farrar wins the Dusick Open IV
Founded and promoted the NAMARS 600cc MidgetCar Series
2004 Celebrated the 5th Running of the Dusick Open
Honored Brad Loyet as the NAMARS 600cc Series Champion during the Dusick Open V
Pete Fararr becomes first repeat winner of the Dusick Open
2005 Moved Dusick Open to Fastimes Indoor Karting Center; due to closing of SJKC
Kris Deckard wins his first Dusick Open
2006 Kris Deckard becomes the 2nd back-to-back winner of the Dusick Open
2007 Promote a weekly Digital Slot Racing series
Celebrate the largest field Dusick Open field at 36 entrants
Timmy Creech II wins an emotional first Dusick Open
2008 Kris Deckard wins his 3rd Dusick Open
2009 Postponed the 10th Running of the Dusick Open in honor of Sarah's absence
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