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For several years, I have contemplated writing a book to capture this crazy life of mine.
Debut of "The Crooked View"
August 19, 2010
New Blog the latest way to keep up with DD
"Is the World Crooked, or... Is that Just My View?" debuts at WordPress.com
Over the years, several people have mentioned that my life story has been an inspiration or motivation to them. I've often wondered what it is about my life that is so inspiring. Since the IKDD Project made such a huge splash, I've been motivated to continue this trend of helping others. I believe this blog, "Is the World Crooked, or... Is that Just My View?" is a great opportunity to expand on the good will and positive energy we've created with the IKDD project.
If you are interested, feel free to check it out at DaveDusick.wordpress.com, or on Facebook. As always, I encourage you to visit IKnowDaveDusick.com to learn more about my life story, the IKDD project and the Riley Hospital for Children.
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